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About Jiang Nan

尊敬的顾客: 欢迎光临品尝闽台、本帮菜、中华传统美食,为迎合朝流,鳁釀旧醅,综合现代的味觉美味,存留古方的特色,献与大众品尝。 美食传承了传统的精髓,可使枯肠復润,齿颊生香。大快朵颐,别有风味。本店经营还有传统与新派各种面食……我们承接各种大小外卖团体聚餐。(自2010年以来是波城众多大学名校,学生会的聚会,公司企业、侨界社团过节订餐的首选)而今再以真诚的用心与良心,再次服务大众。 期望您在波城可一饱口福,二解乡愁。三叙波城风情 温馨提示 如果您对本店的菜肴质量及服务,有任何建议,请您提出,以便我们改进工作。您的满意!就是我们的愿望!谢谢您的光临。Dear customers: Welcome to Jiang Nan, one of Waltham's most distinct Chinese (Fujianese) and Taiwanese traditional restaurant. Our food is designed with a modern twist while keeping a traditional style of cooking that not only satisfies your tastebud and deliberately designed to support a healthy and balanced diet lifestyle. Please try our extended variety of cuisine and noodle dishes and we cater to parties of all sizes, takeout, and delivery. Since 2010, Jiang Nan is becoming an increasingly popular restaurant for local families and especially newly settled Chinese college students (we hope our food can remind you of places you've lived in China.)

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Monday, Wednesday - Thursday, Sunday
11:00 AM - 8:30 PM
Friday - Saturday
11:00 AM - 8:30 PM

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